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On the Trail of Murder

Book 1: It is October 1854 - Jack Wolfe and his friend Bull are soldiers fighting in the Crimean War. When their comrades in arms start to turn up dead, Jack suspects there is a murderer on the loose but the war ends before he can corner the predator. In a tale of adventure that brings you  from the Crimea to a sleepy mill town in Lancashire to America's Civil War Jack never gives up on his quest for justice!

On the Trail of a Traitor

Book 2 in the Jack Wolfe Series sees Jack and Bull back in America helping their Confederate friend's.  Trouble seems drawn to Jack like iron to a magnet. Luckily, figuring out puzzles and untangling intrigue is what Jack does best and he is soon uncovering a web of deceit in their very midst!

On the Trail of Confederate Gold

Book 3 in the Jack Wolfe Series.    

The American Civil war rages on but wars are expensive to fight. Both the North and South need all their gold reserves to continue the struggle. Disaster befalls the South when a large amount of their gold is stolen. When efforts to find it seem hopeless, Jeb Stuart contacts his friend Jack in England for help. The request comes at a good time for Jack as problems in Lancashire mean he has to leave in a hurry. With his friend Bull, Jack travels to America once again on the trail of entertaining adventure!

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